Collection Methods



Our Pre-Collection Programs offer diplomatic, simple, inexpensive and highly effective methods to substantially reduce your accounts receivable expenses, and increase cash flow. These programs were developed to assist our clients in making their in-house efforts less expensive, less time-consuming, and more effective.


At your option, we will report the accounts to the Credit Bureaus (when placed for contingency collection). The ability to report your accounts to the Credit Bureaus motivates many accounts to pay quickly. We wait a period of 35 days without any payment arrangements before reporting the account. This avoids reporting those accounts who have a sincere intention to resolve their obligation.


ACS can handle account billing for your department at any stage of the billing process, from initial billing to billing follow-up. We approach your debtor as advocate, in a spirit of cooperation. We will work with your debtor to assist them with billing questions. At ACS, we NEVER take an adversarial approach with your debtors.


The foundation of any collection operation is the collector. At ACS we define our approach as "positive collections." Our non-confrontational approach makes for both happier debtors and happier collectors as well. As a result, we enjoy an extremely low turnover rate.

Goals and performance parameters are established for every collector on a client-by-client basis. ACS's management, of course, works very closely with our clients to define goals and establish appropriate incentives for their accounts.

Our focus is, and has always been, on the financial health and public image of our clients. As previously stated, we approach your debtor as advocate, not adversary. We are acutely aware of the importance of courtesy and professionalism while communicating with debtors.

You can be sure our collection efforts are fair and respectful to your DEBTORS.

Our clients are our number one concern. ACS has very high quality assurance standards to ensure we are in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), CFPB, and applicable state laws, while still providing outstanding customer service.
The purpose of the FDCPA is to eliminate abusive practices in the collection of debts. We treat your debtors like “customers,” with cooperation and respect as we work together to get a bill paid. We have a team leader on the floor working alongside collectors and monitoring calls to ensure collectors are following the FDCPA, as well as our office policies. When monitoring, we are able to send instant message suggestions to the collector while the call is taking place.
Long ago, we came to the realization that an agency does not collect more money by being confrontational with a debtor. Unlike the hardline approach used by so many agencies, we approach each debtor in a spirit of cooperation to help them understand their bill and to work closely with them to help them to repay the debt. Our advocacy approach builds good will, and time and time again, has proven to result in higher recoveries as well.